Audit Advisory Services

Our Audit Advisory service is focused on Operation Audit, Brand Standard Audit and Finance Audit. We offer a wide range of audit services which helps our clients develop powerful business solutions. Our experience and insight will help our clients to exceed their expectation.

Operation Audit

Our hotel Operation Audit is a tool that helps owners and operators to understand the level of controls and compliance in place in a hotel. We cover each of the revenue areas and departments and measure their performance based on our detailed audit checklist.

The findings are charted in a format that is easy to read, and offers suggestions to the low ratings achieved.

Key focus revolves around the Rooms, Reservation, Front Office, Food & Beverage, Human Resources, Engineering and Finance department. Our Matrix of Audit is based on a percentage rating system for each of the areas of the hotel and is easy to read and adopt.

Industry knowledge and our experience gained through years of hotel management experience have allowed us to offer the best practices in the industry. As part of the audit service, we carry out detailed internal inspection of operating hotels, evaluate and analyze results and define essential points that will strengthen the hotel performance. We propose best practices and process that will streamline organizational efficiency.

Matrix delivers a very modern, flexible and detail audit service that will benefit Owners, Stakeholders, Lenders and Operators to measure their results and improvise.

Brand Audit

Matrix Hospitality is a professional leader in providing Brand Quality Audit and Mystery Shopping Services to various hotels, restaurants and retail businesses. Through our onsite visits and repetitive gathering of data we carry out detailed analysis of customer experience, operational standards and employee impact.

It is crucial for every business to know how its present brand is viewed by its guests, stakeholders, employees, competition and the public. Knowing where the brand stands with its audiences is core to development of a qualitative branding strategy, which leads to building, improvising or repositioning the existing brand identity for a strong presence in the market, and enhancing reputation and maximizing profitability.

We work with our clients on a one-on-one basis which helps us identify and understand their philosophy and objective and deliver a customized report.

Our team members have brand awareness, experience and exposure of a handful of the leading 3-5 star hotel brand standards, and are well versed with the international brand rating systems.We are a proud member of MSPA – Mystery Shopping Providers Association which gives us unlimited resources about mystery shopping and other information.
We deliver uncompromising and flawless service to our customers with passion.

Financial Audit

Our finance audit services are carried out in detail, and cover each of the following areas to ensure that compliance & integrity checks are carried out:

Cash & General ledger Balance Sheet
Accounts receivable Purchasing & Stores
Tax liabilities Payroll process & system
Accounts payable Security

Our audit and assurance provides both financial statements verification and integrated audit services, to improve financial reporting processes and controls.